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[素材] VUE超值素材包(Megapack 1, Megapack 2, Building Construction Kit for VUE)

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查看: 3102|回复: 4
Megapack 1 | Megapack 2 | Building Construction Kit | Building Construction Kit Addon for Vue by Geek at Play Studio

Megapack 1
344 Alpha Maps
including animated earth,
76 atmospheres:
Acid Planet Basic Wave Big Sun Cherry Spring Dark Storm England Fog Havy Sammer Hot Desert Island Sunset Japan Sunset Racing Time Rising Space Safara Sand Storm Seven Days Simple Sunset Soft Sunset Soft Spring Stuff Summer Sun Rain Tasmania
147 Brashes
8 color maps
37 materials
20 High Resolution Ground Pack:
including Melted Rocks, HotSprings, Grass Fields 2 Alien World materials 8 Metal 7 uniq wacky world materials
57 non riged models
4 Crystals 6 Metal life 47 Alpha Maps objects

Megapack 2
a lot of models and ...

Building Construction Kit
There are over 60 materials: buildings, rocks, landscapes, trees, water, metal, glass, and more. There are mixed and multi-layered materials that you can disassemble to see how they work.
Many prebuilt, ready to use buildings are included. Fully textured buildings can be modified as you wish.
You'll find over 150 components, sections, substructures, appliances, highway road, etc. included with the pack. Many sections are completed structures that can be use as standalone objects.
There are over 16 special;y created atmospheres in this pack. Each is unique and created for real use, not for numbers.

素材\vue\Megapack 1, Megapack 2, Building Construction Kit for VUE.iso

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